Thursday, August 6, 2009

'Pag Ako Naging Presidente.......

1. Rape will be legalized.
2. There will be no 'INC' and 'DRP' grades.
3. There will only be 2 school days every week.'
4. DAIMA Shipping Lines will become an International Shipping Line open to all sea-related transport worldwide using only the 5 Barges of Mukas Port.
5. Corruption will be eliminated.
6. All national highways, public schools,hospitals, and all office infrastructures will have a wireless internet connection(WiFi) through routers mounted on each electricity posts all over the country.
Remote areas will also be subscribed free.
7. DoTA will be included on primary subjects on preschool, elementary,highschool, and college.
8. I will give free 3G Phones(Touch Mobile), laptops(Mac), and PSP to street children on the entire Philippines.
9. FREE guns and ammos will be distributed to our fellow rebel countrymen including NPA, Abu Sayyaf, MNLF, and MILF.
10. I will abandon and demolish the Malacanan Palace and make my house as my administration quarter.

My own personal needs and wants is my primary concern.
Vote for me.
Help me change the Philippines.
Help me achieve my goal.
To protect.
To serve.

Just a thought

???: Bez! musta? paramdam pud ui! hehee...

raz: nasuko ko nimu!

???: Why man? Unsay sala nako?

raz: dah..

???: plz let me know d reason ..! It's not good nga wa ko kahibaw. ! plz.

raz: hehee.. nuang ra bez..

???: Ur so mean bez.. thats not a good joke..

raz: Sori.. sory.. hehehe..

???: Awwz... Perte jud ka..! Nkapaload jud ko ug dali-dali.. Naisahan jd ko ai.

Sometimes, it is good to deliver a cruel joke to start a good conversation.

Have a bright day everyone.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Akie's Dating Budget Agenda

name: Kzie
age: 21


McDonalds------- Php400.00
Sinehan--------- 150.00
Snack----------- 150.00

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