Thursday, April 26, 2012


Do you want to disable your Facebook Timeline?

If you don’t like the new Timeline feature on Facebook and want to view profiles in the old style,
then TimelineRemove is the perfect extension for you. This tiny, but handy tool disables
the new Facebook timeline feature and restores the classic look,
without changing the timeline behavior for other visitors of your Facebook profile.
The extension basically works by hiding the timeline, so you can view your own and others’ profiles
in the old style.
TimelineRemove works automatically once installed, and a button is added to the toolbar that lets
you toggle the timeline on and off, whenever you want.

Click on the link to start: TIMELINE REMOVER

Then choose your browser to install the add-on. See screenshot below.

Click allow to install addon. Then wait for the download to finish.

VOILA! You are done. You can now browse Facebook with hidden timeline.
Drop your comments and questions below.

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