Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Bestfriends Day! Bisag dili jud.

I do not know. I Just got this weird feeling na magsulat ko now and I will talk about something unusual to me. I mean, I do not talk about this very often. So now, I am gonna write for you bes. I’ll tell you everything that I want to say to you.
We started being friends since we were kids. Do you remember those times nung nasa PHQ tayo? We were on a police car with your ate. We were playing there and hey, that was so cool! It was really a blissful memory. And that was not all. We also used to play outside of your house. And that was on Pigcarangan and that was a couple of years ago. The memory is very fresh. We used to fool around your toy gun. And to think, babae ka, pero ang nilalaro mo ay isang laruang baril. Sa lahat ng hindi nakakaalam, the Babylyn before was a boyish girl, but that was when we were kids.
At present, Babylyn Indonto turned into Bebx Dy. Now, boosting with confidence that is driven by her charming face and a very pleasing personality. Ang laki na ng ipinagbago mo bes. Despite that, I can still see the Babylyn in you, the real Babylyn. Weird. Bebx ang tawag nila sayo. Wala ko naanad.
There are these particular things that are always running on my mind everytime I see some of your friends. I feel like I am beffited. In other words, ma-OP ko ba. Although I haven’t met them in person, i just can’t be more realistic and boost my self-esteem. Ewan ko. Di ko nga lang siguro ma-fix ang real essence ng friendship natin. Just like when I am with you for example, kahit na medyo matagal na tayong naging friends, nao-OP parin ako sayo. Hahai. Buhay nga talaga oh. I am also considering the fact na nagiging sensitive lang talaga ako masyado when it comes to you.
I don’t know what to say now. Im all out of words. oopS! Tara diay oh. I just want to say this to you. I am always here for you bes. I know that your lovelife and studies is not stable as of this time. Always be patient. Always think of every little thing that will make you happy. Do that for yourself. Eto lang kasi ang alam kong paraan to show my concerns to you. I know giving advices and sending you some wayward messages are not enough but that is all I can do for now. Cheer up Bes!
During those hard times of my life, you were always there to help me by cheering me up. Real friendship is not measured by distance or companionship. It is about being happy even though you are far from each other. I know our friendship will last and that is more than enough to make me even more happier. Thanks Bes.

Gasulat lang ko karon kay wala jud koy mabuhat. Gi-visit nako imu fb profile and nahunahunaan nako nga magsulat nalang ko. Hastang laaya jud sa balay. Naa ko internet café now. Xenxa kaayo hah? I wrote it in taglish kay naa man gud koy mga readers nga di kasabot ug bisaya. Mao rato. Baboosh!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Seconds to Mars - 100 Suns (Cover)

Top 7 corniest and cheesiest pick-up lines

Pagiging cheesy. Pagiging korny. Kakesohan. Magkakaiba pero iisa lang ang nais ipahayag: KABWESITAN. :)

Eto ang iilan sa mga nakalap kong mga cheesy pick-up lines.

7. Babae: Uy! May sakit ka ba?
Lalake: Minamalat yata ang puso ko. 
Babae: Bakit naman?
Lalake: Dahil sa kakaisip sayo.

Review: Ang sagwa nito. Di ko siya like.
Ewan ko lang kung ano ang magiging
reaksyon ng babaeng pagsasabihan mo

6. Nagdo-drawing.
Lalake: Ikaw ba ang may-ari ng crayola?
Babae: Bakit?
Lalake: Ikaw kasi ang nagbibigay ng kulay sa
buhay ko.

5. Lalake: Parang may trapik ata sa Edsa.
Babae: Bakit?
Lalake: Kasi I can’t move on without you.HAHA

4. Lalake: Nasaan kagabi?
Babae: Nasa bahay lang. Bakit?
Lalake: Ah. Wala ka kasi sa panaginip ko eh.Eek.

3. Lalake: Ba’t di mo subukang magpablood test?
Babae: Bakit naman?
Lalake: Malay mo, baka ako ang type mo. HAHA.

2. Lalake: Lam mo, may putok ka ata eh. Hmp.
Babae: ANO!?
Lalake: Kahit ang layo mo, ang lakas ng dating
Mo sakin eh. Ehehe.

1. Lalake: Miss, anu height mo?
Babae: 5’4”. Bakit?
Lalake: Tangkad mo naman! Pano ka nagkasya sa
puso ko?

Share ka naman ng kakesohan mo. Post mo lang sa baba.

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