Sunday, August 8, 2010


It seems nowadays that most of us suffer from being left by someone we love because of some unexpected and cruel reasons. As we might suspect, we are no exception from this incident and we might end up hurting ourselves even worse. From the insights of my fate, personality, environment, and misguidance that led to being lonely and lost. This article will explore the unkind and invaluable reasons why I am being left and junked by the most important persons in my life.

It may sound so hurting to us; sometimes fate is our greatest enemy in dealing this kind of problems. Destiny often leads us to something we don’t expect, something that we haven’t planned. In my case, I get rejected or thrown out because of some unknown reasons. Maybe it’s just God’s will or maybe God will give me something better after the ‘taking away’ stuff. It also has something to do with my personality as a man, as a boyfriend and as a person.

Even other people may think that I’m good at this and bad at that. It is just that we have our own unique personalities as a man. I honestly admit, I am not a good handler but I’m a good lover. As you might suspect, it really takes a very deep impact regarding on the stands of my attitude. I sometimes make cruel and nasty decisions because of anger. You might as well negate if you really know me but that is what I viciously think about my self. I’m not that impaired but my environment really screws me up.

The place we live and the people around us play a great part on our horrible and miserable lives. They go against us sometimes. In my part, my family often makes me go to the opposite direction that I’m leading to. They always contradict me and my decisions and they are no different from my friends; my former friends. Haha. Well, it’s kinda salty though but they take part in some of the girls that I had. That is the case that I am currently standing to. Driven from misguidance and uncontrollable decision making.

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