Friday, February 18, 2011

I Love Watching Movies!

I really love watching movies. Especially documentaries and conspiracy movies. Some of them might not be very good to watch but it thrills me to a very high level especially when I'm bored. I get this very natural and unique feeling when I am sitting at the couch or lying in my bed just staring at some dumb movies.

I do not choose the good ones. Even Indie films comes in and out of my dvd player. One of the best indies i watched was the 3 Idiots. This seem to be the best "friendship" movie for me. I watched it not just twice but a couple of times.

I also like love story-based movies and heavy drama, or uhhh...just drama. It makes me wonder sometimes when I'm alone watching these very weird and creepy movies. Am I depressed? Am I mutilated? haha.. Drama-based movies drive me to the point of being emotional. It is the direct reciprocal feeling when I am watching pornographic movies.

Yah. I do watch porn! What I love about porn movies is that it gives me the sensation of being in an imaginary world. It feeds my singleness too! Haha. I love being single because I can watch every porn movie that I love. My best porn sites are FAD 3.0, EFUKT, TUBE8, REDTUBE and etc.

Here is the cool part. Do you want to know what's my favorite movie? This is the most creepy part of the story. I hesitate to tell it to you because I am ashamed of it. And now, I know what you are thinking. But then, I won't tell you my Favorite Movie.

Happy Blogging Guys.

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