Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to migrate to the new Facebook Profile - The Timeline

To see the Timeline, click this link: Facebook Timeline

Here are some screenshots:

Read more for the tutorial.

To have the Timeline on your hands, follow these very easy instructions.

1. Log on to your Facebook account.

2. Visit the developers page here. Or at

3. On the developers page, click on the "Create New App".

4. Fill out the App Display Name and Namespace. You can use any display name same as the screenshot below then click Continue.

5. Then click on the Open Graph.

6. On the Open Graph page, define an action and object for your app. You can use any action word and any object for your app. You can see an example below. After it, click the Get Started button.

7. On the next three procedures, just click Save Changes and Next. Then finally, click on the finish button. Go back to your facebook homepage or profile to activate your Timeline. Enjoy.

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